Invest with CSF


The following Investment Certificate rates are in effect as of June 1, 2018.  Please contact CSF for an Offering Circular and Purchase Application and Agreement.


Term Certificates $1,000 Minimum  
12-Months 1.75% Fixed
24-Months 2.00% Fixed
36-Months 2.25% Fixed  
Demand Certificates $1,000 Minimum 1.00% Variable
Youth Stewardship Certificates $10 Minimum 2.25% Variable
Deferred Gift Agreements $1,000 Case-By-Case


iStock_000013048826Large_resizeInterest is paid or compounded semi-annually.  CSF may adjust the interest rates paid on Investment Certificates from time to time.  To verify the current interest rates contact CSF.

This is not an offer to sell you Investment Certificates and CSF is not soliciting you to buy Investment Certificates.  CSF will offer and sell Investment Certificates only in states where authorized.  The offering is made solely by CSF’s Offering Circular.

*Not FCIC or SIPC Insured*                                    *Not a Bank Deposit*                                    *No FEC Guarantee*


CSF currently offers and sells Investment Certificates only in the following authorized states:

Alaska Kansas North Carolina
Arizona Kentucky Ohio
Colorado Maine  Rhode Island
Connecticut Michigan South Carolina
Florida Minnesota Texas
Hawaii Mississippi Virginia
Idaho Missouri Wisconsin
Illinois New Mexico Iowa
Indiana New York