Positive Role Models are Hard to Find

Brandon (far upper right in purple) and Tristan (lower right in neon green) pictured with their counselor Adam (middle in navy) and the rest for their cabin.
Brandon (far upper right in purple) and Tristan (lower right in neon green) pictured with their counselor Adam (middle in navy) and the rest for their cabin.

Most kids have a role model, someone who they admire. Unfortunately, some role models impact kids in a negative way, but there are some who make a positive, lasting impact. The inner city can be particularly challenging to find a positive role model, someone worth admiring and emulating. It is filled with teenage boys, young adults and older men in their community abandoning their families, infringing on the law and altogether leading lives of sin.

Brandon* and his friend Tristan* live in the inner city. Their impressionable eyes seeing this example set for them day after day. As you read in an earlier blog post about Tristan, he and Brandon were both able to Miracle Camp for a week this past summer due to a donation to the Victor Rupp Camp Scholarship Fund. While there, they got to experience positive, Christian male role models every day for a week.

Their camp counselor, Adam*, was among the first to make an impression. Adam was able to spend one-on-one time with each of them, talking about their home lives, friends and family. Not only did Adam intentionally show Jesus’ love to both Brandon and Tristan, he also led the boys through games and other activities with the rest of their cabin. Whether it was playing capture the flag in the woods, building sand castles on the beach, the “story game” at bedtime or getting into a water fight while washing camp cars, Adam also showed them love just by being their friend. Adam is confident that him being put with the boys as their camp counselor was no coincidence and that God was certainly at work in all of their lives.

We need your help to impact more FEC kids like Brandon and Tristan. After several years of giving children the gift of camp, the Victor Rupp Camp Scholarship Fund is running low. It is our hope to replenish the fund so we can continue sending children like Brandon and Tristan to FEC camps to be positively impacted and shown Jesus’ love.

Please consider making a donation to CSF for the Victor Rupp Camp Scholarship Fund and make a lifetime impact in a child’s life. To do so, please give online (choose “CSF – Camp Fund” from the dropdown menu) or send a check by mail. Thank you for your prayer and support to help CSF and FEC spread Jesus’ love through summer camp.

“…Faith, Hope, Love; But the greatest of these is Love”, 1 Cor. 13:13

Brandon and his counselor Adam.
Adam and Brandon strike a pose in front of the Miracle Camp sign.
Tristan and Adam.
Tristan and Adam take a goofy photo, sure to be a good memory!


*Names have been changed to protect privacy.