Victor and Bea Rupp loved how so many kids came back from Christian camp with a new zeal for Christ, salvation and rededication. They knew it changed lives.

When their son, Ron, died at an early age in an auto accident, they began making gifts to Miracle Camp in Ron’s memory. When Victor and Bea passed on to Heaven, their will divided their estate five ways—four ways were between the four living children, and the fifth was a Donor Advised Fund at Christian Service Foundation in Ron’s memory. Knowing how much the experience of Christian camp meant to their parents, the four living children decided to set up the Victor Rupp Camp Scholarship Fund with their brother Ron’s Donor Advised Fund. The purpose of the fund is to help families with the cost of sending their children to Christian camp, when they may not have otherwise been able to afford sending their child. The family’s continued hope and vision is that other FEC families would add to the fund and make it an on-going effort to impact the lives of future generations for Christ through FEC camps.

As you’ve read in the past two blog posts, “Positive Role Models Are Hard to Find” and  “Camp Scholarships Change Lives,” the Fund just recently helped send two inner-city boys, Tristan and Brandon to camp this past summer for the very first time. While, traditionally, the scholarship fund only provides $25 coupons to FEC churches, it was realized that families in the inner-city need a lot more financial help than just the $25 coupon. It was decided that families with much greater financial need can receive up to 95% scholarships so their child can also experience the joy of Christ at summer camp. After Tristan and Brandon’s week at Miracle Camp, we received tremendous joy in hearing about their changed lives through attending camp for the first time. We encourage you to go back and read their moving stories, if you haven’t done so already.

After nine years of helping send kids to camp, the Fund is getting low on funds. Our goal for the future is to be able to send more inner-city kids to camp. As of right now, we’ve identified eight inner-city children that need 95% scholarships, in addition to the coupons we are providing to other FEC kids. Our end-of-year goal to meet this need is $7,500. Would YOU support this effort to impact children with a Christian camp experience? What a wonderful way to impact kids for Christ—by giving the gift of camp.

You can give to CSF through the FEC donation web page at www.FECMinistries.org (look for the donation tab, and the CSF Camp items at the bottom of the pull-down menu) or send CSF a check by mail. Your gift is tax deductible.  Thank you for your help in kids experiencing Christ at summer camp. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on their stories.

Thank you to the children of Victor and Bea, for their vision in establishing this Christian camp scholarship fund. Through their generosity, many children have been positively impacted for Christ.  Will you join what they began?

1st row l-r: Jan Brinkman, Char Tucker, Jean Ann Miller, 2nd row: far right Marlin Rupp.
1st row l-r: Jan Brinkman, Char Tucker, Jean Ann Miller, 2nd row: far right Marlin Rupp.


Positive Role Models are Hard to Find

Brandon (far upper right in purple) and Tristan (lower right in neon green) pictured with their counselor Adam (middle in navy) and the rest for their cabin.
Brandon (far upper right in purple) and Tristan (lower right in neon green) pictured with their counselor Adam (middle in navy) and the rest for their cabin.

Most kids have a role model, someone who they admire. Unfortunately, some role models impact kids in a negative way, but there are some who make a positive, lasting impact. The inner city can be particularly challenging to find a positive role model, someone worth admiring and emulating. It is filled with teenage boys, young adults and older men in their community abandoning their families, infringing on the law and altogether leading lives of sin.

Brandon* and his friend Tristan* live in the inner city. Their impressionable eyes seeing this example set for them day after day. As you read in an earlier blog post about Tristan, he and Brandon were both able to Miracle Camp for a week this past summer due to a donation to the Victor Rupp Camp Scholarship Fund. While there, they got to experience positive, Christian male role models every day for a week.

Their camp counselor, Adam*, was among the first to make an impression. Adam was able to spend one-on-one time with each of them, talking about their home lives, friends and family. Not only did Adam intentionally show Jesus’ love to both Brandon and Tristan, he also led the boys through games and other activities with the rest of their cabin. Whether it was playing capture the flag in the woods, building sand castles on the beach, the “story game” at bedtime or getting into a water fight while washing camp cars, Adam also showed them love just by being their friend. Adam is confident that him being put with the boys as their camp counselor was no coincidence and that God was certainly at work in all of their lives.

We need your help to impact more FEC kids like Brandon and Tristan. After several years of giving children the gift of camp, the Victor Rupp Camp Scholarship Fund is running low. It is our hope to replenish the fund so we can continue sending children like Brandon and Tristan to FEC camps to be positively impacted and shown Jesus’ love.

Please consider making a donation to CSF for the Victor Rupp Camp Scholarship Fund and make a lifetime impact in a child’s life. To do so, please give online (choose “CSF – Camp Fund” from the dropdown menu) or send a check by mail. Thank you for your prayer and support to help CSF and FEC spread Jesus’ love through summer camp.

“…Faith, Hope, Love; But the greatest of these is Love”, 1 Cor. 13:13

Brandon and his counselor Adam.
Adam and Brandon strike a pose in front of the Miracle Camp sign.
Tristan and Adam.
Tristan and Adam take a goofy photo, sure to be a good memory!


*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Camp scholarships change lives

Tristan* and his best friend live in the inner city with their single moms. One of the boys had never been outside of the county, which is essentially all city.

In the past, Tristan has been disengaged. Unresponsive to the love shown to him at FEC’s inner-city Mission Church. Living in the inner city, unaware of and unable to experience life outside of the inner city leads to despair and a challenge to envision something different.

CSF manages the Victor Rupp Camp Scholarship fund. The program was set up by the family of Victor and Be Rupp, to honor their parent’s belief in the value of exposing kids to Christ through a Christian camp experience. This program was set up to provide $25 coupons to FEC churches to be given by the churches to needy children in their church to help defray the cost of attending camp. The number of coupons provided is based on the church attendance.

Mission Church wasn’t using their two allocated coupons. When asked, CSF found out that with the poor, a $25 coupon left too much of a financial burden to send their child to camp that costs $350-$400 for the week. Knowing the importance of opening a child’s mind to experiences other than the despair of the inner city, exposure to Christ’s love and the fun that a child experiences at camp, CSF decided to provide two camp scholarships that covered 90-95% of the cost of camp. This would allow the parents to still have some ownership in sending their child to camp.

Tristan’s mother, who was unaware that an experience like camp existed, was highly suspicious and reluctant to send her child to camp. After considerable encouragement by the Mission Church staff she agreed.

After a week at Miracle Camp, Tristan was exuberant. Positively overwhelmed by the experience and camp counselor. The one who was typically disengaged walked up to Mission Church pastor, Michael Brown, looked him in the eye and told him “thank you”.
His subsequent thank-you note says it all (with original spelling).

Dear Church,

Thank you few giving me a coupon to go to church camp I had so much fun I went swimming I went to chapel played soccer played football cougt a frog and went to bed.

Love Tristan

We need your help to impact more FEC kids like Tristan. Some Inner-city and other FEC families can’t afford to give their child the gift of camp. Your donation will positively overwhelm other inner city kids and kids from other FEC churches with an experience at an FEC church camp.

Please generously support the Victor Rupp Camp Scholarship Fund though a donation to CSF. To do so, please call CSF at 260-423-3649 or send an email to info@ChristianServiceFoundation.org. Thank you for your prayer and support to help CSF spread Jesus’ love through summer camp.


*Name has been changed to protect privacy of the child.

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Blog-StayInTouch-2Last year, CSF added a new web site to our communication process.  We also started a Facebook page and Twitter feed and we continue to enhance and build on communicating to our current investors and to potential new investors.  If you aren’t following CSF on Facebook, please be sure to “Like” us so you don’t miss any important and helpful information.

We are excited to be offering legacy seminars called Provide & Blog-StayInTouch-1Protect 101.  Statistics indicate that 70% of the people in the US don’t have a will or trust.  You should actually have both.  This seminar teaches you the basics of providing for and protecting your family through your estate.  Watch for upcoming seminars in your area and if you’d like one for your church, please let us know.

FEC’s 150th anniversary


Attending the FEC’s 150th celebration of it’s founding was a special experience, celebrating what God has done through the people of the FEC denomination.  It is a rich history rooted in the Anabaptist movement in Europe.  I’m excited about 15 church plants, which is about 30% growth this past year and is due to God calling new pastors to start churches and a well designed pastor training program including a residency and on-going coaching. FEC is a dynamic denomination!

Blog-Convention-3CSF is blessed to be a part of this effort.  We had a booth at convention where we showed some of our new loan projects and the exciting new emphasis on legacy planning.  If you didn’t attend convention this year, please consider attending next year and if you aren’t a candidate, come to the worship service on Friday night.

Our mission

Christian Service Foundation exists to support and enhance the Christ-centered ministries of the FEC to establish reproducing churches worldwide.  We do this by providing financial services to the people and organizations of FEC, primarily through offering attractive investments certificates, gift and estate planning vehicles, awarding loans an grants to FEC entities, and providing scholarships to FEC students pursing Christian higher education.